Why choose us?

There are so many agencies or consultants out there that offer various facilities to overcome your company’s management problems, but why choose us? Here are some reasons.

  • More than 20 years of experience in managing TKA permits
  • Have an Official Operation License for the Company
  • Easy, Open & Clear Process
  • Competitive prices
  • Supporting Customer Service
  • Document Delivery Service

The right consultant to assist in the legality of foreigners / foreign workers in Indonesia.

Help and Explanation

We will always provide a detailed explanation of the information you need regarding the fields we are involved in.

Problem Solving

For every problem you experience, we will try to provide the best solution to overcome it.

Mature Planning

Today there is a meeting, Tomorrow there is a deadline that must be completed, in the next two days there is an appointment with a colleague. Don’t worry, we will help you to find the best schedule between your busy life.

Secure Document

We make sure that every sheet and kilobyte of documents that you provide to us, will be guaranteed safety until it returns to your hands.

Unlimited Loyalty

Your trust and satisfaction is the main reason that keeps us from being able to provide our best services to realize a sense of security and calm while living in Indonesia.


Enterprises or Individuals? We are ready to help you

Most of our clients are dominated by Enterprises (Limited Liability Companies), but do not rule out the possibility for us to glance at the individual target market

Enterprises (Company)
Enterprises (Company)
Telah banyak Badan Usaha (Perusahaan) dan Badan Lembaga (Yayasan/Sekolah) yang sudah merasakan kepuasan dari pelayanan kami. Ayo jadilah satu diantaranya.
Tidak hanya Perusahaan saja yang menjadi klien kami, ada banyak Perseorangan yang juga membutuhkan bantuan kami disaat mereka menemukan kendala saat mengurus Izin Tinggal bagi Suami/Istri WNA mereka.

Interested in working with us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to get more detailed information about the services we provide, and information about our special prices for you.


Arrangement of Legality Documents for Foreigners & Prospective Foreign Workers in Indonesia

This is a list of services that we provide to facilitate you in managing your Stay and Work Permit in Indonesia, besides that there are other Services according to your needs while living in Indonesia.

The Great Team behind Orom Consulting

Our Team

Behind the success and satisfaction of our clients, there are great people who always wholeheartedly give great service to Orom. There has been a lot of time, sweat, effort and ability that has been given for the smooth running of every process carried out by Orom, in order to gain Client’s trust and satisfaction with Orom

Who are the Clients who have worked with us?

Our Clients

There have been many companies, institutions, or foundations / schools that have entrusted the management of the legality of their foreign workers with Orom, and have felt satisfaction with our services, become one of them now.

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